The Bedouin Cricket Club

The Bedouwinns may have been a Keith Burrowes 40, a Burrowes catch and a Burrowes 2-for away from giving their hosts a reasonable game today. Burrowes it is reported was taken to prison early on Sunday and there he resided all day. The Itinerants thus continued with only ten men.

Asked by the skipper to bat first, men bravely wore this injudicious request. They positioned themselves repeatedly in the firing line of the Leigh slow to medium pacers, and proceeded gamely to conserve their energy for what would no doubt be a struggle later on, having to field without a full complement in 19 degree heat. The opening batsmen Clarke and Shelley-Smith exhibited a canny ability to stay awake while waiting for Roser to arrive at the return crease and deliver the ball after a 2 kilometre run up. Bedouins raced to 36 from the first ten overs.

After breaking the shackles with some nice pick-ups and pull-shots Clarkey was first to be dismissed. A good weekend for him: having squired the 4
th team at Highgate back to Division Three of the 1987 League. That side’s Big Gun Shellboie was “prepared to go to Warp Factor 9” in his own words, and didst smite the Leigh skipper cleanly back over his head 3 times en route to a fine 47.

Venus Flytrapper Chris Petter batted nicely in the middle, but required someone to accelerate past him. Unfortunately, Williams, Dougal, and RWT all started … but like chaste concubines they failed to go all the way. Ironically, the learned Balfour failed to keep his legs closed on this occasion - but a dobbler from Chella snuck through and bowled him anyway. JM Asad was stumped for the second time in a week, and the Undertaker decided the Bedu had enough on 38 and a half overs, anxious to get the ball in his hands.

After an excellent tea with deep filled sandwiches unheard of outside the Surrey stockbroker belt, the defence was on. Sadly, after just four overs in reply it looked suspiciously off. Harrison asked Shelley to lob a few up as The Undertaker, some many miles in to believing the hype, snarled smoking in the covers.

And then, whosoever bent their back … it went round the park. De Keller suffered at the hands of those ‘in charge’ today. The captain badly misplaced him in the field, at all times he was a yard, five yards, in one case even 8 yards away from where he should have been, and what this cost the Bedouin only the Gods will tell. Balfour extracted a caught and bowled, and in doing so wiped out the whitewash. The Leigh top three showed brutality and some class in polishing off their target in 22 overs. A pasting.

Bad Leigh
v Leigh CC. August 24th 2014, Bunce Common, Leigh, Surrey
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