The Bedouin Cricket Club

Application for the position of
CEO at the Marylebone Cricket Club
Mr Will Dawkins
Spencer Stuart
16 Connaught Place
London W2 2ED

Dear Mr Dawkins,

I would like to put my name ‘in the hat’ for the post of Chief Executive Officer of the Marylebone Cricket Club.

I am currently Mufti at the Bedouin Cricket Club, which takes up some – but not all – of my time. Having noticed that one contender for the role is a New Zealand rugby type I thought ‘hang on, has it really come to this?’ What next, hakas on hallowed outfield?!! Anyway, this is just me putting forward a brief application and manifesto for change at the club.

Naturally, I understand that the first vowel sound in the cricket club name is short, and that there is no ‘Mary’ in this. An important distinction, as I’m sure you agree. It wouldn’t do to have someone in the Chair saying scallop or scone the wrong way, would it! Much of what you have there at the MCC is good. I would not be suggesting wholesale changes. However, some change is required.

I believe the MCC can learn a lot from that other historic institution of the game – the Bedouin CC. Under my leadership I feel a merger could be achieved. Though the club would have to keep its existing Bedouin name and most of the MCC membership would have to leave.

I feel that the ground could be put to much better use than it is currently. Please look over the Bedouin CC website for a feel of what could be achieved. Note also please, our 2012 fixtures. It will be of significant upheaval for many of our own and indeed opposing players to have to change the venue to Lord’s, but in the spirit of this unique merger I will project manage this piece of work personally.

You can contact me at any time, and I look forward to hearing from you.

As ever,

Robin Harrison