The Bedouin Cricket Club

Letter to the ECB
Mr G Miller
Chairman of Selectors
England (and Wales) Cricket Board
Lord’s Cricket Ground
St John’s Wood
London NW1

11th October 2010

Dear Mr Miller,

It is with some sadness and regret that I must inform you it is my intention to retire from international cricket in England.

I have discussed this decision with trusted cricket colleagues, my first wife (and secretary) Marjorie, and my faith healer Mr Aluko, and we are unanimous in our feeling that I shall no longer be considered as available to represent England in this country.

As an uxorious man I must also be alert to the needs and foibles of my current lady-friend, and she has still to come to terms with the obvious inconveniences of the 5 day game.

Having said that, and here I must admit to you that in my mind’s eye I can now see you and Mr Flower with unfurrowing brows, as I add in my caveat; I will remain available for selection for overseas tours.

Yours sincerely,

Rob Harrison
Bedouin CC