The Bedouin Cricket Club

1. Name The name of the Club shall be ‘The Bedouin Cricket Club', hereinafter referred to as the 'Club'.
2. Colours The colours of the Club shall be Brown, Gold, Green and Pink – see Bedouin Chief of Palmyra circa 1900 (right)

3. Objectives The objectives of the Club shall be:
To organize a few games of cricket each year, to be played with friends on green grass, under the sun and a blue sky
To make each game an event, a pleasurable occasion for all concerned.
To hire and employ all classes of persons whose services may be deemed necessary for the purposes of these events, to invest the monies of the Club as required and to do all such other lawful things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the objects aforesaid or any of them.
4. Rules
The Club’s affairs shall be overseen by Rob Harrison and Joe Phelan. These are the Muftis
The Club’s Muftis should bowl in each game. Unless one of them is keeping wicket.
Where possible, players should wear flannels of crème, made of natural fibre. Players are encouraged to wear the clubs colours, however, uniformity is discouraged.
No excuses shall be made for personal shortcomings. It is unlikely that anyone seriously good will ever play for the Club. And anyone seriously good will know better than to look for excuses
Players are encouraged to ‘walk’. In writing this constitution, it is recognized that some players won’t.
Players are all expected to pay their match fees in entirety on match days, on forfeit of further invitation.
5. Membership and Management Day Membership shall be open to all persons subscribing to the objects of the Club and paying the prescribed match fee.
These members shall be called ‘players’. The club will be run by the Muftis.
6. Meetings ‘Players’ may, from time to time, meet in public houses to discuss cricket, good fixtures, etc.
7. Finance No accounts shall be kept of all monies received and expended by the Club. However, the Muftis shall account for all money collected each match day, to the players of the day.
It is expected that all monies collected on a match day will be spent by the end of it.